Small Channel YouTube Tips (That Can Work for Your Marketing)


Wondering how to get more customers for your business?

Do you want to connect to more of the right potential customers/clients? 

Starting a YouTube channel is one way to do exactly that. 

Should that be the case, you’d be well-served to read this great article and watch the accompanying video. 

That said, even if you want nothing to do with a YouTube channel, there’s plenty you can learn from this article the Danny Star Contribution Team found about how to grow your business.



“Design Their Content Around People” 


That one quote makes the entire article. 

Sure, it’s in the context of getting a small YouTube channel off of the ground. 

They go on to say “think about who is watching (your) channel, what they’re interested in, and how their interests are likely to change over the course of six months to a year or longer.” 

Sound familiar? 


That’s how you should approach your potential customers, too. Design your content around them. Of course, as they’re your customers, you don’t just have to design your “content” around them. You can design your products, services, web page, and more around them. 

They’re your target audience, after all, the people you want to read, see, and eventually buy what you’re offering. 

The subsequent tips in the article are also good ideas for companies looking to improve their marketing. “Find your niche,” meaning you’re “looking for underserved, niche categories and going after gaps in the market.” 

That’s probably something you already do with your business. But, in terms of content, that can be a great way to approach blogs, “how-to” content, and so much more. 

“Watch lots of videos” only applies to YouTube perhaps. But, the idea of “see what’s out there, what your competitors and others are doing” applies to all businesses.

Lastly, “be consistent” and “establish your brand” are good ideas no matter what business you’re in. 

For help with all of this, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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