Responsible Marketing That’s Truly Responsible 


Have you been looking for ways to make your marketing more “responsible” and “ethical?”

Does it seem like the rules governing such a thing change quite often? 

“Responsible marketing,” definitionally, is something to aspire to. 

After all, we all want to do good in the world. 

Of course, marketing, by its very nature, is often seen as something that’s not, well, “responsible.” Too many companies (across all industries) just want to make money without doing well. 

Today, though, people want to patronize companies that reflect their values. 

The Danny Star Contribution Team reflected upon that today when we read this article about “responsible marketing.” 

It’s very much worth your time. 

While there are many different definitions of “responsible marketing,” the one in this article really jumped out at us. 

“Responsible marketing is about truly understanding the relationship between an ad and the content alongside which it is served.” 

This can be more expansive than perhaps most people realize. 

For example, any amount of marketing that references “the environment” could fall under this rubric. 

Marketing that extols helping the environment, yet is from a company whose business model and/or practices harms the environment would be an example of “irresponsible marketing” here, as it would be a misunderstanding (or outright gross violation) of the relationship between an ad and the content alongside which it is served. 

To truly have responsible marketing, you need to have a true understanding of your industry. 



Rehab/Treatment Center Marketing 


The ethics of marketing drug and alcohol treatment centers are different from just about any other kind of marketing. 

It has to let people know what makes the facility great without overpromising. Moreover, there are any number of rules (involving HIPAA and others) about what can and cannot be said. 

If this all sounds confusing, you aren’t alone. 

However, there’s one way to always navigate even the most stringent responsible marketing guidelines: 

Be honest. 

If you do that, you’ll always be in a good position. 

You aren’t overselling or being deceitful. Instead, you’re just laying out the facts. It doesn’t mean that you’re precluded from “selling.” Rather, it just means that you’re doing so in a straightforward, honest manner. 

The more honest you can be, the more responsible you could end up being, as well. 

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