What We Can Learn from the Marketing of Cherries 

Danny Star

“We have so many different kinds of customers and clients, we don’t know how to tailor our marketing to connect to all of them.” 

Have you found yourself saying something similar to that? 

It can be a good problem for a business to have, but it’s a problem nonetheless. When you have a varied customer base, it can be a bit of a challenge to make content for each of them. 

That said, Danny Star and the team came across a great article that addresses this exact point. 

If you put together enough good, high-quality content with real value, you’ll have something to give all of your customers and clients. 

Danny Star


A Lesson from Cherries 


Marketing Messages Grow Behind the Scenes” is a fascinating article no matter your feelings on cherries. Maybe you never eat them, perhaps you do all the time, or maybe you’ve only had them if they’re on top of a milkshake. 

Essentially, like so many other products, goods, and services, a lot goes into cherries. Typically, more than a person might think. 

So, “an industry group (of cherry growers) is putting together a promotional video to explain the nuances of cherry production to nutritionists and consumers.” 

Essentially, this group put together the more comprehensive marketing video they could. Realy, it’s like a documentary. They produced “a 30-minute video that explains the intricacies of cherry growing and how growers’ decisions affect the size, quality, and healthfulness of the summer fruit. The film crew also interviewed nutrition experts and recorded scenes from inside the Texas A&M laboratory where researchers are studying the benefits of dark sweet cherries on gut health and breast cancer prevention.” 

If you’re a marketer/business owner, you might have read that and thought: “wait, that’s way too long for a video or blog.” 


Only certain groups are going to see the full 30-minute video. 

But, imagine what they can do with that for all of their other platforms. 

Danny Star


Use Everything Elsewhere


With everything they filmed, they have so much more than just that highly effective 30-minute documentary. 

Sure, they can put that on their site, use it in promo materials, show it to anyone. 

But, with all of that other footage, they can use that for so much else. 

Snippets from the footage, the parts that talk about how delicious and ripe the cherries are, can make for great social media posts. 

The parts about the researchers are perfect for blogs, podcasts, or even resources about the health benefits of cherries. 

So much could even be recycled for a “how-to” when growing your own cherries. 

Your company can do something similar. 

That’s not to say that you have to do a 30 minute documentary of course. But, making a longer piece of content, with a wider scope, could be just the thing to give you so much content on every platform. 

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