Important Lessons from Landscape Marketing 

Danny Star

Danny Star and the team here have many landscaping clients all across the United States. You might find that a bit odd as so many of our clients come from the worlds of rehab/treatment, plastic surgery, law, and so forth. 

But, it really isn’t. 

There’s plenty that companies in any number of industries can learn from the landscaping industry. Landscaping, in any geographic area essentially, is a highly competitive field. It’s something that many different people will want for a variety of reasons. 

In our daily reading, we came across this article which covers some familiar ground in terms of digital marketing. However, it does feature some insight we would like to expand upon. 

Danny Star


Build on What’s Already There 


In the section “work with what you’ve got,” the writer goes into some great ways to create marketing content without feeling like you’re creating marketing content. 

For example, “enlist your foremen to take pictures of the jobs as they work. Most people have some sort of a smartphone, and they have excellent cameras in them that produce perfect images for social media purposes.” 

However, you can go much further than that, too. 

Putting a camera on a tripod and filming your company doing a job can have any number of uses. 

You can “speed it up” (time-lapse) and post it to show off what a comprehensive job your landscaping company can do. 

Cutting that video into smaller segments can be almost endlessly repurposed on social media. 

In addition to those pictures, just get small snippets of video of your workers saying exactly what it is they’re doing as well as why. 

That shows your level of authority, that you’re a real professional. Folks will connect to you being good at your job, as well as you showing exactly why that is. 

Don’t forget to take pictures and videos of the finished product, too. In the end, that’s what you’re selling. “If you hire us, your landscaping could look like this!” 

Now, even if you have nothing to do with the landscaping industry, you can see how all of those tips mentioned above can be a benefit to just about any business. 

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