Google: Better Experience for Your Customers is a Better Experience for You

Danny Star

“What is ‘page experience?’ We’re running a business, not a tourism company. How do we know if our website has a great ‘page experience?” 

This is something that marketers and business owners have wondered about since Google announced that it would take “page experience” into account. 

Indeed, Danny Star and the team have helped so many companies to offer a better page experience on their site. 

The good news is that page experience is one of those things that, more often than not, “you’ll know it when you see it.” The opposite holds true as well. When you’re on a site with a poor page experience, you’ll be aware of it. 

This video from Google, “Getting Started With Page Experience” has some excellent pointers. Follow the advice on that video, certainly. Then, there’s really one easy way to check on your page experience. 

Danny Star


To Think Like a Customer, Be a Customer 


You’ve made sure your site is set up on HTTPS. You don’t have any annoying popups, institials, or anything of the like. After checking, you’ve determined that your site is entirely mobile-friendly. 

Now what? 

The best test is the simplest one. 

Try to use your site. 

Start from the very beginning and see how it goes. Was the experience good? Were you able to find what you needed easily? Or, was it still laborious to find the exact items that you were looking for? Really, you can’t be too “harsh” when it comes to this. Look for the parts where you sighed or felt even the slightest bit annoyed and agitated. Those are the moments that may not be a big deal to you, but they could be the moments that cause someone else to give up on your company and go somewhere else. 

The more seamless, the better. 

For more ways to improve your page experience and everything else, schedule a consultation with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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