The One Thing Your Conversational Storytelling Marketing Needs 

Danny Star

“We’re trying to include more storytelling in our marketing but it isn’t working just yet. What are we doing wrong?” 

For one, when it comes to your online marketing, as Danny Star and anyone on the team can tell you, it usually takes time. 

That said, including storytelling in your marketing can really pay off. 

You’ve probably heard the statistic many times by now, but “stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone.” 

That said, you probably didn’t need statistics from top-tier universities to tell you that. Just think of your own life and your own experiences. What do you remember better: facts, or facts wrapped in stories? 

With that in mind, there is something that, when we talk to clients and prospective clients about including storytelling in their marketing, we find that they’re lacking. 

Danny Star


Trust and How to Build It 


That’s what all storytelling marketing needs. 

You need the trust of your audience, of those who would see your ad. 

Without it, your storytelling efforts won’t work. 

Why not? 

Simple: they don’t believe in your story. 

Or, more specifically: they don’t believe you, so thus they won’t believe your story. 

This is a great article about “telling believable authentic marketing stories” but, again, you don’t have to use someone else’s study for this. 

Just think of your own experience. 

When someone tells you a story, whether it’s about a product, their life, or anything else, are you more or less inclined to believe it if you do or don’t trust the person? 


The same goes for your marketing, as well. 

The question then becomes: how can you build this trust for your storytelling marketing? 

Objective, true facts. 

Wrapping your story around them can make all of the difference in the world. 

Just to use a hypothetical, imagine that you’re selling lawnmowers. A story about how your lawnmower really helped a landscaping company could be successful. But, if that story was centered around how the blades on your particular lawnmower brand are so unique as to be patented, that can be far more potent. 

You can see how that would work for your company, regardless of what you sell. 

This, again, is another reason that Danny stresses using client testimonials and reviews as much as possible. Here’s simple, effective, conversational storytelling marketing from an unimpeachable source: a satisfied customer. 

Storytelling can be powerful for your marketing, but it has to be done right. 

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