Why Now is the Best Time to Get Started with TikTok Marketing 

Danny Star

“TikTok? Isn’t that fad over yet? We don’t need our business to reach out to teenagers, so no, we don’t need TikTok marketing.” 

Many business owners have that same concern, perhaps not in those exact words. 

The truth is that TikTok marketing has always been a good investment. But, and this is crucial, that’s especially true now. 

There’s really never been a better time to begin TikTok marketing. Of course, for your TikTok marketing to be successful, it has to be done right. That’s what Danny Star and the team can provide. 

Danny Star


What You May Not Realize About TikTok Marketing 


There are far more people on it than just teenagers. 

Take this study for example. 

If you go down to TikTok, you’ll find that 48% of TikTok users are “ages 18 to 29.” 

“OK,” you may think, “so how does this prove that older folks are using it?” 

Look at the rest of the numbers. If you add up the rest of the numbers, users from ages 30-65+ account for 38% of TikTok users. 

That number is only growing. 

So, essentially no matter what your product or service is, there are plenty of people on TikTok looking for what you have to offer. 

“Sure, fine, but that doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to find us on TikTok.” 

People that use TikTok really use TikTok. 

In fact, on average, a TikTok user spends almost 90 minutes per day on the platform. That’s essentially the length of a movie. 

So, with that, you’ll have a real opportunity to be able to tap into your customer base on TikTok. 

“Fine, but, that just means they like looking at TikTok. It doesn’t mean they’ll buy.” 

TikTok has gone to great lengths to address that, too. 

To that end, they’ve been partnered with Shopify since late last year. 

TikTok is here to stay. If you’re not marketing on TikTok, or rather, marketing the right way on TikTok, you’re missing out. 

For more help with this and so much else related to growing your business, you can schedule a marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 

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