Mental Health in the Workplace: An Ongoing Priority 

Danny Star

With millions and millions of people in the United States vaccinated against COVID-19, more businesses are returning to in-person offices. 

However, it hasn’t all gone well. 

For example, “roughly 1 in 3 workers back in the workplace said the return-to-office shift negatively impacted their mental health.” 

Just because the world has returned slightly more “back to normal,” that doesn’t mean that we can go back to ignoring mental health in the workplace. 

Mental health is a priority here for Danny Star and his team. As we work with so many mental health and treatment centers, we “practice what we preach,” so to speak. 

A sense of community, socializing, and being around people in the office is truly good for millions of workers. However, there are a few things to keep in mind that can help your employees’ mental health today and tomorrow. 

Danny Star


A Safe Place (Your Employees Don’t Have to Go to All of the Time) 


With the rise of the Delta Variant, even some vaccinated people are concerned about working in public again. 

Now, breakthrough cases are rare, and people getting truly sick from them are even rarer still. 

But, for the mental health of so many who went through last year, leaving mask-wearing in place in your place of business can be a good idea. 

That’s not to say that everyone has to wear a mask 24/7, or that they have to wear them while they try to eat or drink or something. But, it can be a good idea for your employees as well as anyone else who comes through your facility. 

On top of that, many office workers did experience a new level of autonomy when they were working from home in the past year. 

For many, it was the one good thing to come from 2020. This is why so many company’s (including ours) have made it so that some employees can come into the office to work if they want. Or, they have to only on certain days, and so forth. That keeps the office from getting packed while letting folks better manage their own schedules as well. 

“Focusing on mental health” never really goes away, it’s not something that stops. But, by making it a priority at your company, you show your employees how they’re your priority. 

For more help with managing your team and growing your business, you can schedule a consultation with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 

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