Title Tags: Best Practices and What to Avoid 

Danny Star

To get the most out of your online marketing, you will, at one point or another, have to get “technical.” You’ll have to make sure your site and content are “up to snuff,” so to speak. 

So, to that end, you’re going to want to be in compliance with Google’s edicts as much as possible. 

These may seem at times capricious or even arbitrary. 

But, that’s never really the case. 

Google wants to be able to provide the best results to their users. 

Something as seemingly small as “title tags” can have a profound difference on your Google ranking. Thus, it can make a profound difference on your bottom line. 

Here on the Danny Star Team, we take title tags (as well as all of the other “nitty gritty” details of SEO) very seriously. 

Danny Star


In a “Title Tag,” the Key Word is “Title” 


If you’re new to SEO or even just looking for a primer, Google’s “Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Starter Guide” can be invaluable. 

When it comes to the “title tags,” however, there’s no real secret to it. 

Google is very upfront about what it wants here. 

“Accurately describe the page’s content.” 

If you took SEO, Google, and the like out of it, that would seem like a “no-brainer.” 

After all, it’s a “title.” People look to a title to know if it’s something that they want to read. 

The temptation here, for too many marketers, is to stuff the title tag with keywords. 

Or, to “force” any keywords whatsoever. 

Over the years, we’ve encountered plenty of marketers who believe that “optimizing” something means “to put in as many keywords as possible.” 

Google won’t reward you for that here. 

In fact, they very well could penalize you. 

That’s because, no matter what your keywords are, to put them in the “title tags” is to violate the idea of what a “title” should be. 

“Title tags,” like so much else of your site, should be about your readers, your potential customers. 

Keeping that in mind with all of your SEO strategies and online marketing can only help your business. 

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