Marketing on the Most Downloaded App in the World 

Danny Star

Quick: what was the most downloaded app in August of 2021? 

Here’s a hint: it was the most downloaded app in July of 2021, too, as well as June of 2021 and May of 2021. 

That said, it wasn’t just something that was hot this summer. 

Get it yet? 

OK, here’s one last hint: it was the most downloaded app of the last 18 months, except for November and January (when it was still towards the very top). 

The answer, of course, is TikTok. 

There are more users on there than ever. 

Danny Star and the team can help your business to do that much better with TikTok marketing essentially no matter what your business is. 

Danny Star


TikTok Marketing for Just About Everyone 


“TikTok marketing? We’re not interested in that, it’s still just too many young people.” 

That hasn’t been true for some time. 

Indeed, that was driven home again by this recent article about “BookTok,” how book authors are finding success on TikTok. 

While it’s specific to helping to boost your self-published book on TikTok, there’s a lot you can get from this article. 

For example, they say to look at “what are other authors posting on (TikTok?) What hashtags are they using? Search for authors who write in your genre and are actively involved with the online reading community.” 

You don’t have to be an author to do the same thing. Look at the folks in your industry who are doing well on TikTok (they don’t even have to be competitors in your area). See how they’re involved. 

By that same token, “chasing trends” won’t help you to “viral status.” 

What will, no matter your industry, is to “be creative, entertaining, and engaging.” 

It’s very easy to look at that as something negative, a burden to be shouldered. 

However, it really is an opportunity. 

Specifically, it’s an opportunity to show what makes your company different. Really, showing what stands out about you, what sets you apart, is exactly the kind of thing that can be crafted, with a little bit of work, into something “creative, entertaining, and engaging.” 

That’s something Danny and the team can help you with. To schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star, call (213) 457-3250. 

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