Getting the Most Out of TikTok World 

Danny Star

It’s becoming a TikTok world, we’re just living in it. 

For one, TikTok has reached one billion active global users every single month. 

For another, “TikTok World” has launched. 

This is, as TikTok themselves say, the “next era of marketing.” 

Danny Star and the team here have offered TikTok marketing services for some time. We’ve helped clients to create the sort of content that actually connects to folks on TikTok. 

Now, TikTok has rolled out even more creative tools to take TikTok marketing to a higher level. 

Danny Star

TikTok Tools and So Much More 


One thing they understand at TikTok: speed. 

They know that the longer something takes to load, or the longer it takes to entertain you, the lower the odds are that you’re going to stick around. 

To that end, TikTok has created “customized instant pages.” With these, “brands can create landing pages that load in seconds.” That may not sound like a big deal, but they tend to be “11 times faster than standard mobile pages.”

Additionally, the folks at TikTok know that business owners and marketers have to be able to measure analytics so that they can make the right decisions about their marketing. To that end, TikTok has implemented tools that make it possible to run more predictive, effective, and even transparent campaigns on the platform. 

Additionally, increased ad viewability makes it possible for TikTok to “provide (marketing) partners with the insight they need about invalid traffic and viewability on TikTok.” 

Furthermore, the new “TikTok Inventory Filter” allows advertisers to “gain more control over where they’d like their ads to run adjacent to.” 

If there’s a third-party commerce platform you like to use, then you’re in luck. Shopify, Square, and other similar well-known sites are now available on the platform. Others are assumed to follow shortly, such as Wix, OpenCart, and others. 

There has never been a better time to get started with TikTok marketing. We say that every time TikTok makes some update or change, but it’s always true. 

For help with TikTok marketing and anything else related to growing your business, schedule a consultation with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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