What to Keep in Mind During Google Core Updates 

Danny Star

Today is November 17th, 2021. Today, Google is implementing another core update. By the time you read this, there may be another Google Core Update. Google is always looking for ways to improve their overall systems, hence these continual updates. 


These can lead to any number of changes for your business. It’s important to note that it won’t be done “today,” like by the end of business on Wednesday or something like that. These typically take a few days to roll out. 


Always remember: don’t panic. Don’t overreact. It’s natural to do so, particularly if something negative has happened to your company in the rankings. While there are several factors to keep in mind, there’s one lodestar Danny Star and the team always focus on when it comes to these updates: 

Danny Star

It’s Not About You, But There’s Always Something You Can Do 


When your business drops in the rankings after an update, it’s easy to take that personally. YOu were doing well, and now you’re not doing as well as you had been, through no fault of your own. 


However, Google isn’t doing it to target your business or, for the most part, to target anything in particular. The idea is just to improve Google’s systems in total. 


Moreover, if your page drops, you aren’t being penalized at all. Instead, what’s happened is that your page has been reassessed in regards to other content. Even making that diagnosis may be too early: as these plummets and apexes occur often after updates. Indeed, sometimes a site may not have fully calibrated after one update before the next arrives. 


The one thing you can do, in the face of any Google update, change, or the like, is to create the best content possible for your users. That’s the one thing you always, always have control of. Do that, do it to the best of your ability, and you’ll always grow throughout one update to the next and beyond. 


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