Utilizing Google Maps Updates for Your Business 

Danny Star

Everyone is looking for more ways to bring in more customers/clients, this holiday season and every other. Google is in the business of connecting users to what they want. To facilitate this, Google recently made some changes to Maps. As a business owner/marketer, there’s some actions you can take to get the most out of this, as the Danny Star Team has shown our clients. 

Danny Star

Prepare for “Live Busyness” 


With the pandemic, there are many folks who (understandably) don’t want to be around large groups. That said, there are also plenty of people who, now vaccinated, want to be in the crowd. Google has found a way to use Maps to accommodate both. 


With “Live Busyness,” people can see whether or not a location is at its busiest (or at its slowest). Google does this to let people know what the crowds are probably going to be like before they head out somewhere. 


As a business owner, you can leverage this. You can check your “low busyness” times and potentially offer deals, discounts, and the like. By that same token, you can make sure to have enough staff, inventory, and the like for the “peak busyness” times as well. 


How Google is Expanding the “Directory” Tab


The idea behind Google’s expansion of the “Directory” tab is so users can find exactly what they want in a location. Whether they’re in an airport, mall, or somewhere similar, they can see what the stores are there, what they offer, when they’re open, and so forth. 


How can you take advantage of this as a business owner? Simple. By making sure that your Google My Business is up to date. After all, that’s where Google (as well as so many potential customers) are going to get all of their information from. If you don’t have those up to date and accurate, you miss out on so much. Now, you could potentially miss out on more. 


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