Some More of the Downsides of Hiring Digital Marketing Freelancers 

Danny Star

Over the years, Danny Star has extolled the virtues of hiring a digital marketing agency over freelancers to any number of clients. There are many reasons for this, several of which we’ve elaborated on in the past. 


Recently, we came across an article in Search Engine Journal which also showed some of the drawbacks of hiring freelancers. However, this article did it without meaning to, as it was entitled “SEO Freelancing: 10 Things You Need to Know to Be Successful.” 

Danny Star

What Digital Marketing Agencies Offer Freelancers Can’t 


Many of the individual members of our team were freelancers until Danny brought them into the fold. So, they could speak to the good ideas for freelancers in the article. Yet, the article still showed the limitations that freelancers can have. 


For example, there’s a part later on in the article about “Set Yourself Up for a Long Journey.” In that, it goes into how freelancers can face “constant overworking and issues with mental health.” 


While mental health is something that has to be properly handled in any workplace, a digital marketing agency is just that: an agency. A team. So, if one member (or a few members) have to take some time off, have to step away, that’s perfectly fine – other team members can step up. 


If you’re working with a freelancer and they need time off, you, the client, are out of luck. Or, alternatively, if the freelancer is struggling with their mental health and continues working anyway, then you could receive less than their best work – another suboptimal outcome. 


Additionally, earlier in the article, you might find some parts about “Learn How to Price Your Services” and “Learn How to Sell.” Again, this is great advice for freelancers. However, the team members of a digital marketing agency don’t have to worry about that. Instead, they can just focus on working for your company. 


Our writers don’t have to worry about selling their services, nor do our graphic designers have to take time out of their day to hustle for more clients. An agency has salespeople to do those jobs and do them well. There are plenty of great reasons to hire an agency for your company. 


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