Thoughts on What Customers Want from Brands in 2022 

Danny Star

Have you read many articles about what customers are looking for in 2022? Have you gotten to the point where so many of them tend to blur into each other, where they all seem the same, and when you come across something different it stands out from the rest? If so, Danny Star and the team have come across something in our daily reading that has a different take on things. 


For example, this article, “Marketing Trends 2022: What Americans Want From Brands” has some findings you may not find elsewhere. From the “second annual US Consumer Trends report that tracks sentiment and behaviors ahead of the new year,” they had a fascinating take. 


They found that “US consumers want brands to be funny in 2022, yet socially responsible.” Indeed, “as the pandemic and negative news cycles drag on, consumers say they most want to hear, see, and experience humor from brands (57%) in 2022.” There are a couple things to keep in mind about using humor as a brand. 

Danny Star

Pick the Right Target and the Right Exaggeration 


Many business owners and marketers, rightly, are wary of using humor, as, if done improperly, it can cause problems for the business. To keep that from happening, always keep the exaggeration as well as the target of the humor in mind. 


For example, you probably don’t want “the victim” (or butt, or target, or any expression you might) use of your humor to be your customers, or some group that could be seen as “punching down.” This is where it pays to have your humorous marketing seen by many people at your company before going out. 


That said, always bear in mind where the exaggeration for your humor is, too. So much of what makes people laugh is an exaggeration of something that they relate to. If you can exaggerate something that your potential customers may be feeling or thinking, you can really create the kind of humor that can drive your sales in 2022 and beyond. 


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