Do you get emails from various businesses each day? How many of them do you actually read and delete? Imagine your subscribers receiving your email marketing campaign. How many of them will actually consume your email and not throw it in the trash? Choose Danny’s marketing consulting firm in Los Angeles to ensure that your email campaign stands out.

Danny’s team will create personalized email newsletters to prevent them from going to the spam folders of your recipients. Furthermore, they are guaranteed that your subscribers or customers will take your desired action.

It means that when they receive your email in their inbox, they read and click on the links you provided.

Is Email Dead?

When it comes to digital marketing, your business should not ignore this valuable tool. The effect of this tool can do more than just getting your message into the inboxes of your customers.

Email marketing remains an effective tool to promote your business. You can utilize it to develop relations with your existing customers and reach out to your possible customers.

It also keeps your customers informed. That’s why it’s a cost-effective form of digital marketing. When you hire Danny’s marketing consulting team, your email campaign will be conversion-rich and persuasive so you get great results in no time.

In 2019, global email users have risen to 3.9 billion users. Experts anticipate that the numbers will grow even more to 4.3 billion in 2023.

The numbers simply show that this tool is a wonderful opportunity that you don’t want to miss out on.

Your customers are still using email. That’s why you should use this channel to reach out to your customers no matter how small your business is. With email marketing, you can reach your target audience 24 hours a day.

The ROI of Email Marketing

The widespread popularity of email marketing is undeniable. For that reason, expect its ROI to be massive. However, your campaign must be well-thought-out to make you money.

For each dollar you spend on this campaign, you can expect a return of approximately $42.

With its strong ROI, it’s not surprising that even the most popular and prolific companies are using email marketing to reach out to their audience.

If you think that email is dead, why do you think 87 percent of marketers are still using it to disseminate their content? With such a percentage, email is still a popular marketing tool to engage with your audience.

Furthermore, your email campaign will assist you in evaluating your content performance. The majority of marketers are saying that they look at the open rates, downloads, and click rates to determine the success of their content.

Grow Your Business

Email marketing, no matter how old this tool is, can still drive customer retention and acquisition. 81% of small businesses are still relying on email as their channel to acquire customers.

Even though many brands and companies are using social media and they rely on likes, shares, and tweets, it doesn’t make email marketing less valuable. When it comes to customer retention and acquisition, email marketing is still at the top of the list.

Social media can improve your business. However, if you want direct reach, you can’t go wrong with email marketing.
Personalize It
The average open rate for emails is 20%. However, if you personalize it, you will begin to see incredible results.

For example, if you personalize the subject line, it can generate at least 50% of open rates. In that case, you need to customize your subject line and greeting by simply adding the individual name of the recipient.

Marketing Consulting in Los Angeles for Interactive Emails

Even though email marketing is a valuable tool to reach your target audience, you can’t just write an email. It has to be effective and it needs to be personalized to increase its open rates.

Most of all, it has to create user engagement. And one way to achieve it is through interactive content.

Wondering how you can create it? You should not worry about it. Instead, leave it to the expert email marketing team of Danny Star.

The team can add videos to your email to increase click rates. It’s an impressive number. But videos aren’t the only element you can add to ensure that your customer will interact with your message.

Sliders, Gifs, and collapsible menus can also make a difference. Of course, the email will be optimized for mobile devices.

Invest in Email Marketing with the Right Strategy

You can’t just send an email to your customer. It has to be an outstanding message to increase its open rates and engagement. Creating an email campaign isn’t enough.

Hire Danny’s marketing consulting team in Los Angeles to create deeper relations with your audience. Allow Danny’s team to craft an amazing email that grabs your recipient’s attention. Find out more about it here: (213) 457-3250.