And we all know that those numbers will run out. If you want an endless number of clients, you need to partner with marketing experts to create your digital marketing strategy. Danny Star’s marketing consulting agency will help you meet your goals for your law firm in LA. The agency uses a client-focused approach to position your law firm as a top player in the legal industry.

Is Danny Star a Good Fit for You?

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Did you know that 75% of people in LA who are looking for a lawyer will hire the first attorney they contact? Yes, it’s a fact. Unfortunately, not all law firms know it so they didn’t have the chance to make those odds to be in their favour. But those law firms that chose to hire a marketing consulting agency in Los Angeles are controlling the race and overtaking you in a competition.


Effective Law Firm Marketing

Law firm marketing is a form of digital marketing designed for attorneys. It is a type of marketing that can help you get more clients and boost your revenue.  Unfortunately, the demands of your legal work will force you to set aside your law firm marketing strategy. It’s no wonder you’re not getting enough clients while other law firms are taking up the lion’s share.  But you don’t need to study digital marketing for your law firm. The best thing you can do is to hire an established marketing consulting agency to help your law firm in achieving its goals.  Danny Star and his team of law firm marketing experts can provide you with customized strategies and goal-oriented campaigns that can lift your law firm out of the dark and make it visible to your clients.


The Need for Law Firm Marketing

Law firms only spent 2% of their revenue on digital marketing. It means that out of $1 million in revenue, they only spend around $19,000. But law firms that boost their digital marketing strategies every year are enjoying an increase in revenue and referrals. The most common way to find a law firm is through an online search. Consider this, 70% of law firms gained new clients through their legal site. And the majority of people who need legal advice are looking online first before they call an attorney.


Your Clients are Online

Because most of your clients are online, you need to be where they are. And an effective digital law firm marketing strategy utilizes different channels to boost your law firm’s online presence. If a person is interested in hiring you as a lawyer but you have no online presence, that person will likely go to your competitor who has a strong online presence. Whether you choose to have an online presence or not, we can guarantee you that your competitors are online and leveraging digital marketing. If your potential clients are searching for a law firm near their location and your competitor’s website comes up, your business is over. You can’t increase the number of your clients if your potential clients don’t know who you are or if you even exist.

Establish Your Law Firm Online

With the help of Danny Star and his marketing consulting team, you can establish a robust online presence. The marketing solutions that Danny can offer will put your great website on the front so your audience can see it.  Danny will employ a customized strategy that increases brand recognition. The strategy also involves SEO that guarantees your site will show up first in organic results for certain relevant keywords.

Target the Right Audience

If you don’t employ the right digital marketing strategy, then you’re missing a lot of serious leads. Without digital marketing, it will be difficult for you to target the right audience.

The digital marketing solutions of Danny Star include precision targeting to improve the likelihood of your law firm reaching your potential clients. The solutions are well-designed to ensure that it brings top-quality traffic to your law firm’s website.

Search Engine Marketing for Law Firms

It’s not easy to create digital marketing for law firms. But with the help of Danny Star and his team, you can get it correctly so you can obtain quality leads. Invest in SEO as a long-form marketing strategy. Once you hire Danny, you will start to see an endless flow of quality leads.

Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

Your potential clients are on social media. You can be sure of that. If your law firm isn’t on social media yet, then your possible clients will just engage with your competitors. You are essentially telling them to go to the other attorneys.

The Tight Competition of the Legal Industry

The legal industry is competitive. Without placing the right law firm marketing strategy, you can’t be successful online. You can just wait for referrals and recommendations from your family and friends.