The More You Can Do

In his marketing consulting in Los Angeles sessions, one thing that Danny commonly sees with small business owners is that they don’t realize all of the resources that they have. Sure, they know how much money they have, how much inventory, how many people on the payroll, that kind of thing. But, they don’t understand…

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Client of the Day: Iris Healing 

What They Do:    In a word, heal. Digital marketing client Iris Healing helps people to recover from addiction. Their mission is to create a better world through empathy and spirituality. Through cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, individual therapy, yoga, trauma resolution, health, fitness, spiritual guidance, meditation, and anything else that might help a person’s…

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Your Business in the Arena

You’ve probably heard some version of the speech commonly called “The Man in the Arena.” Written and delivered by Theodore Roosevelt in 1910, it’s been referenced in so many movies, stories, and even TED Talks.    Perhaps the most famous part goes: “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out…

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Client of the Day: Tenina Law 

What They Do:    Tenina Law is a full service law firm. Well-established and highly-regarded, they provide many different services for clients all over Southern California. They can help guide someone through the process of Chapter 11, Chapter 13, and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Additionally, they can assist clients with tax resolution, wills, and trusts.   …

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