The future of marketing is real-time. Is it on your content marketing list? If not, then you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities. B2B and B2C brands are embracing RTC marketing because of its unique opportunities that can help in engaging their audiences in the moment. And Danny Star can help you leverage this strategy.  Real-time marketing has proven to increase audience engagement by 76%. It also increased customer satisfaction while improving positive brand sentiment by 56%.  Brands that implement RTC marketing saw an increase in their reach and followers by 35%.

Up Your Game with RTC Marketing by Danny Star

It’s a challenge for business owners to stay relevant online. The public becomes less sensitive to marketing messages.

To up your game, it is not sufficient to be sophisticated or fast in creating content. Rather, you need to do both.

It means that your message must be clever and it must stand out from your competition. And most of all, it has to be on-target in a short time frame.

With Danny Star’s RTC marketing strategy, your campaign will capture and hold your target audience’s attention. The campaign can piggyback on hot trends by capturing the moment.

It isn’t just about reacting quickly to local, national, or worldwide events. Rather, brands must react properly and interject marketing to consumer conversations through social media.

By incorporating this marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy, you are showing your audience that you are aware of what is going on in your community or the world. It gives your brand a chance to show your followers that you have a personality.

But this marketing doesn’t just mean you need to react to a worldwide or national event. You can use it to correct your brand’s errors in real-time.

For instance, you can react to a typo in your packaging. You can be quick in pointing out the mistake without waiting for your haters to point it out for you. The mistake can be turned into free publicity.

By placing RTC marketing in your overall digital marketing strategy, you can put your own spin on real-time events to avoid a possible social media disaster.

You can create a real-time event. With the right RTC marketing strategy, it will balloon beyond the confines of your news feed. It will be a full-blown event and other brands in and out of your industry can jump in and take advantage of the situation.

Incorporating Real-Time Content Marketing

Real-time content marketing is a highly effective strategy. However, it has to be done properly. And to do it correctly, you need an RTC marketing expert, like Danny Star.

This form of marketing involves trends and real-time events that Danny Star and his team of marketing consultants can take advantage of to create a viral campaign.

Danny and his team will always be listening and monitoring the trends as they happen. They will monitor all-real time events in your industry and craft content from those events.

One of the things to consider when implementing RTC marketing is to have all the resources in place so you can act quickly. By working with Danny Star, his team will always be prepared so every time there’s a perfect opportunity to market your brand, they could leverage it.

Timing is Everything

When it comes to real-time content marketing, timing is everything because opportunities are just short-lived. Danny and his team will get the message out to your audience quickly before the trend even starts.

And every time there’s an opportunity, you can pounce on it because you’re ready to take part in the conversation. Danny Star’s RTC marketing strategy will allow your brand to be an active part of a conversation so when your potential customers are ready to buy, you will be the most natural choice because you’re there.

Danny Star RTC Marketing to Show Your Brand Some Personality

RTC marketing is all about having fun. Danny will create a marketing campaign quickly to show your brand’s personality that will help you stand out and build strong loyalty.

But RTC marketing has some inherent risks. Leaving inappropriate live comments can go away. Without proper planning, your live video stream can leave your brand looking flat and out of touch.

If you are not willing to get real, then RTC isn’t the best marketing solution for you. But if you avoid it, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities.

RTC marketing can improve purchase intent by 14%. Furthermore, people are more likely to consider or trust a brand that uses this form of marketing.

Contact Danny Star to Start RTC Marketing

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