Danny Star is a seasoned Marketing Consultant in Los Angeles area. He started his consultancy in 2004 and ever since then stand out from the rest for two main reasons: tangible results and a one-by-one, personalized service. He’s built fruitful business relationships with thousands of companies along the years and is known for his knowledge, compromise and contagious enthusiasm,


Originary from Slovenia, Danny’s first contact with technology was during elementary school, when he started to code and program using Commodore. Starting college, Danny generated his own first marketing company providing business cards, flyers and promoting local businesses. During these years, Danny also worked as a Marketing Director in an important European financial institution.


After graduating at University of Maribor (Faculty of Economics and Business – Slovenia), Danny was offered a VP of marketing for Finance Institution that was expanding from Europe to USA. It was 2004 and this was Danny’s first full experience in Marketing consulting in the States. For the next 4 years he would get deeply involved in Google Adwords (now Google Ads), finance, web design, hosting and many more aspects of the then-growing digital marketing world. In 2011 he established as a full-time Marketing consultant himself.


But Marketing Consulting is not Danny’s only activity. While still consulting for businesses as a freelance, he founded Website Depot, a boutique full-service Digital Marketing agency that went from four friends in a tiny office in Van Nuys to a company with 35 in-house employees and a solid reputation in the industry. Danny’s expertise, continuing learning and search for innovation have gained himself and each and every one of his endeavours awards, a loyal base of happy regular clients and a prestige built around reliability, expertise and thousands of generated leads.

Danny Star’s Work


“The sky is the limit” is probably Danny’s most repeated phrase. That phrase has to do with a way of seeing life and business as well. An owner of a free, entrepreneurial spirit, Danny Star work goes far beyond Marketing consultancy and his role as CEO of Website Depot. Those activities and the main pillars of a whole family of products and services originated at Danny’s fruitful mind.


Digital Marketing 2020 is Danny’s first book featuring his whole vision about all aspects of Digital Marketing. It was conceived to be a complete guide for business owners, marketing students and enthusiasts to understand and dominate every aspect of such fascinating world. A handbook to turn up anytime, which goes from the basics of SEO, Social Media Marketing and web designs to niche digital platforms and paid ads.


Danny is also one of the instructors at SEO Academy, an online platform featuring more than 13 courses that go from analytics and data mastery, community management, content marketing and much more. This is not Danny’s first effort in the teaching field: he’s hosted hundreds of Google Connect events for business owners and Digital Marketing workshops at important events like Small Business Expo.