When building a website, you need to partner with the best companies in the industry. From the best host to domain name registrars to the eCommerce platform, you should only hire outstanding companies that offer the best services to get your site up quickly. If you are not sure which companies to partner with to set up your site and ensure 99.99% uptime, here are Danny Star’s partners recommendations.

Danny Star Marketing Consulting Firm in Los Angeles

As a seasoned marketing consultant in Los Angeles, Danny Star only wants the best for his clients. It’s one reason business owners in LA are relying on him for recommendations on which companies to pick for certain services that can help their websites up and running.

Domain Name Registrar

Finding a domain name is one of the things you need to do when setting up your site. When picking a domain registrar, make sure that the company sells the name extension you want to use.

Danny’s marketing consulting team recommends Domains Priced Right. You can’t go wrong with it as it is an official partner of GoDaddy. The price starts at $12.99.

Web Host

Once you find the right domain name, you need to find a web host. It’s where your site will live. There are different web hosts available. Unfortunately, not all of them are reliable.

Danny recommends Bluehost because it is not only reliable but it’s also safe. Plus, its monthly cost is less than a cup of coffee. Danny’s clients get an exclusive deal.

Bluehost has a great reputation and it guarantees 99% uptime. In that case, you don’t need to think about speed, uptime, and customer service. It offers worry-free hosting and one-click WordPress install.


Branding is vital for your company. It is one of the things that your customers will see. If you don’t have a logo yet, you need to get one created.

For a world-class logo, Danny recommends 99designs. It’s the perfect platform that helps you find the perfect logo design in over 90 categories.

You don’t have to worry about your budget. The designers will ensure that they will get it done.

eCommerce Platform

There are several eCommerce platforms available if you wish to sell online. But Shopify remains the top favorite. It’s flexible and you can get started easily.

Furthermore, this platform lets you grow your business quickly. That’s why it’s trusted by thousands of merchants around the world.

When you choose Shopify, the platform will help you increase your conversions and sales. Plus, it reduces a lot of administrative tasks.

The pricing is also affordable. Its basic plan costs $29 a month. If you have a bigger eCommerce store, you may choose the Advanced plan.

Besides being flexible, Shopify also offers effective marketing tools. It lets you optimize your content to get the most of it.

Get Reviews

When you are just starting, it is difficult to convince your visitors to buy from you because they don’t know you yet.

Enter reviews. They provide a powerful effect on your audience’s behavior that can affect the performance of your company.

The majority of consumers now trust online reviews over personal recommendations. If your site has no customer reviews, you are alienating the buying population. You deprive them of the information they need to make their final buying decision.

But customer reviews are a double-edged sword. If you get bad reviews, they affect your brand. And this is where Shopper Approved becomes useful.

This tool will alert you if you get a below three-star rating. You can reach out to the reviewer and discuss the issue. It can help in convincing the reviewer to improve the initial rating.

Speed Up Your Site

No one wants to visit and shop for a site that loads like a sloth. Site speed is a huge ranking factor of Google and other search engines.

There are many ways to improve your site speed. And one of them is to implement a content delivery network solution.

Danny Star recommends MaxCDN. It provides industry-leading features, like GitHub integration, full API, and real-time reporting. You can also integrate it easily with most CMS, like WordPress.

The plan starts at $20 a month. And if you’re Danny Star’s client, you receive an exclusive deal.

Prevent Fraud

If you are running Google ads, your marketing budget will go down the drain because of click fraud. Unfortunately, 1 in every 4 PPC ad clicks is fraudulent. The reason for this is that competitors and bots can just click on the ads, thereby, wasting your ad budget.

But you can prevent it from happening with the use of a click-fraud prevention tool. Danny’s marketing consulting team recommends ClickCease for this task.

Chat Support

This is the quickest way for your customers to communicate with you. Having a live chat feature on your website allows you to respond to your customers’ inquiries in less than 10 minutes.

Danny Star recommends Zendesk, formerly Zopim. This tool lets you improve your customer service while getting real-time feedback from your customers or potential clients.

If you need further help in setting up your site or getting these tools for your website, please contact Danny’s marketing consulting team in Los Angeles at (213) 457-3250.