Where the Experts See TikTok Marketing Going 

Danny Star

“OK, sure TikTok marketing is big now, but isn’t it just a fad? These things do come and go, I remember Mastodon.” Do you ever find yourself or someone on your marketing team saying something similar to that? (OK, without the reference to Mastodon, but you get the idea). Danny Star and the team here run into folks saying things like this occasionally. 


With so many different platforms out there to market on, small to midsize businesses have to be more judicious than ever about where they put their money and their time. Even robust, popular platforms may not be the right choice (or the right place to allocate significant resources) to get the maximum ROI. 


That said, TikTok isn’t a great example of something that’s “going away.” Indeed, while TikTok has a different audience than many other platforms, it could greatly benefit your business regardless of what business you’re in. That looks like it will be true for a while, too. 

Danny Star

“More Marketers Plan to Use TikTok than YouTube, Twitter, or Snapchat in 2022” 


We didn’t write that. That’s what we read in this recent article from eMarketer about “TikTok Influencer Marketing.” Like many of you, some of us did a bit of a double take when reading that. It seemed unlikely at best to some of us that TikTok could be that popular right now. 


But, when you dig down deep into the numbers, it doesn’t seem all that unlikely after all. TikTok is only getting more popular. But, (and this is crucial) it’s getting more popular with more than just young people. Long synonymous with younger folks, there is a significant portion of TikTok’s audience that is actually older than 30, and even older than 40. 


We feel confident in saying that, no matter what business you’re in, you have potential customers/clients on TikTok. Now, that’s not to say that you should dump all of your budget into TikTok immediately. But, it would behoove so many businesses to really check out TikTok, the numbers it can provide, the unique marketing it requires, and see how that could help their businesses. 


Indeed, that’s what Danny and the team do here. We’ve helped so many without TikTok marketing packages to get more out of this unique, effective platform. For help with growing your business on TikTok or anywhere else, schedule a consultation with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250.