Nothing Evil About It: Shining a Light on “Dark” Social Media 


Despite the rather ominous sounding name, there’s nothing “dark” about “dark social media.” Really, it’s referred to as “dark” not because it’s nefarious or dangerous in any way, but rather because it’s spread in such a way that can’t be easily measured. 


There are some tips that you want to keep in mind so that you can get the most out of this “dark” social media. Additionally, these will serve you well in other forms of digital marketing, too. For example: 


Make Everything Easy to Share 


You want to create marketing that is easily shared. You want it to be shared. Moreover, you want it to be shared by as many people as possible. So, make it easy for anyone to do that. Include all of the social sharing buttons you can. That’s true whether it’s on your newsletter, email, blog posts, or anything else. 


Additionally, be sure to include little lines that let people know they can get this info directly from you. “Hey, were you sent this by someone else? Don’t miss our next newsletter by signing up here,” and so forth. 


That way, you can truly reap the benefits that come from having people share information about your company.


Building and Reaping Momentum 


“Dark” social media and similar benefits are the kinds of things that occur once your marketing has built up some momentum. 

After you’ve really begun to target the right potential customers and built a brand that fits your company, this can cascade. As more people share your marketing, along with their personal experiences of what your company has done for them, the sky is literally the limit. 


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