What’s in a Name? The Truth About Title Tags and Google 

Danny Star

If you’ve been reading our blogs for any length of time, then you know how important on-page SEO is. Making sure that everything is optimized, your title tags are on point, and more – those are just some of the factors that can take your on-page SEO up to another level. Indeed, that’s just a small sample of the on-page SEO factors that Danny Star and the team offer. 


That said, it’s always good to hear from the powers that be about how you can get the most from your on-page SEO. Recently, John Mueller of Google spoke on title tags, making some points you may not have considered. 

Danny Star

The Key to Title Tags (and Just About Everything Google-Related) 


If you watch the video, the questioner basically asks how long a title tag should be. Most of us have heard that the maximum length (and perhaps optimal length) is 65 characters. John Mueller’s comments are interesting:


“We don’t have any recommendation for the length of a title,” he said. He also added that, from “the ranking side, we don’t have any guideline that says it should be this long.” 


If you go and look at Google’s stated preferences for title tags, they say that you should “avoid keyword stuffing” as well as “repeated or boilerplate text in title elements.” Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, you should “brand your titles concisely” as well as “write descriptive and concise text for your title elements.” 


When in doubt, don’t worry about the length of the title, the number of characters, anything like that. Rather, endeavor to do the job possible. Write a title that truly describes what that page, what that content is going to be about. That doesn’t mean you want to ramble on, of course. But, if you write a descriptive, concise title, you’ll have done exactly what Google wants you to do. 


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