The One Content Writing Tip That Too Many Ignore 

Danny Star

Do you feel stuck when you’re creating content? Does it seem like you have to do it but you don’t really feel like you want to? That’s a perfectly understandable feeling. Content is king, as Danny Star says all the time, and the king has to be fed. 


That means your company has to put out consistent, high-quality content. That content can take the form of blogs, of course, but it can also be social media posts, videos, podcasts, and more. 


While content is king, content can also be a grind. We reflected on that today as we read this great article called “The 7 Habits of Successful Content Writers.” It’s worth reading as there is a lot of good advice in there. Yet, we felt there was something missing, something important. 

Danny Star

Sometimes, Your Mind Needs to be Distracted 


The most fascinating part of that article, for many of us, was the line about how “if you want to be creative, your brain needs to be free of distraction.” We would argue that it depends on the distraction. 


If you’re distracted by something that keeps you from thinking, then yes, absolutely. Your brain needs to be free from that. If you’re only looking at social media, reading the news, watching television, etc. Those distractions can work against your creativity. 


But, taking a walk, stretching, looking off into space, day-dreaming, and the like – those kinds of distractions can help. They can help you to get “out of a rut,” giving your brain a break so that, when you come back to what you’re working on, you’ll be in a better place. 


Now, don’t go overboard here. Staring at the wall for eight hours and doing none of your content writing services no one, least of all your company. But, if you find yourself blocked, looking off into space for a bit can do wonders for changing your thinking. 


This is, in a very real way, “thinking outside of the box.” You’re in “the box” of having to create content. So, by taking a moment to do nothing, you’re thinking outside of it. Then, you can come back, ready to create that content that will help your company. 


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