Listen to the Best SEO Consultants: Toot Your Own Horn 

Danny Star

Do you feel like your online marketing doesn’t do as well as it should for as successful as your company is? Does it feel like you work very hard and don’t get enough out of it? So many business owners and marketers feel that way, even the most successful ones. Being diligent, working hard, and keeping at it are important. Your success should be organically weaved into your online marketing, too. That’s something we’re always cognizant of here on the Danny Star team and recommend it to our clients as well. 

Danny Star

The Best SEO Consultants of 2022 


That’s just one more award that Danny and the team here recently won. As you might imagine, it’s one of those titles and awards that they don’t just give away; they have to be earned. When you win something like this, no matter what your industry may be, you want folks to know about it. That means writing blog posts about it, of course, where you mention the award. Be sure those blog posts focus on the keywords that are important to your business. 


By that same token, you want to make sure it’s part of your social media feeds as well. You can make multiple videos. A short video can describe the award, show that you won it, and so forth. That’s perfect for instagram. For YouTube and the like, you might want to make a longer video, similar to an interview, where you talk about what the award means, how you went about winning it, and so forth. 


Speaking of “interviews,” it’s a great place for a podcast. You can get an outside interviewer, someone from your digital marketing agency, for example. They can interview you about the award, how you got it (presumably through providing excellent services, and so forth). 


Those are just some ideas. All of them come from winning one award. Putting up a plaque in your office is great, but that’s not what drives online engagement. It can all be a part of your strategy. 


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