The Importance of a Human Touch 

Danny Star

Have you been looking for more ways to automate your marketing processes? Do you want to do more with less manpower? If you’re like a strong majority of marketers and small business owners, the answer to both of those questions is an emphatic “yes.” Here on the Danny Star team, we’ve helped so many of our clients to improve with AI. From chatbots to analytics and so much more, we’ve used artificial intelligence to benefit our clients’ bottom lines. 


That said, there are some things that AI won’t really be able to help with. That’s true no matter how advanced AI becomes, how ubiquitous it is. We reflected on that after reading a couple articles today. 

Danny Star

The Limits of AI in Content Marketing 


This wonderful article “Does Content Marketing’s Love for AI Make Writers Obsolete?” really goes deep into what AI can do now. As always, if the headline for an article asks a yes or no question, the answer is always “no.” That holds true here as well. 


Essentially, the main point of the article is that, no matter how advanced AI becomes for content creation, someone will have to oversee the process. That could be a writer creating content for the AI to build on, looking at content the AI has created/expanded upon, or both. You’ll always need a human watching over it, to make sure the AI is doing what it should. 


Another article made a similar point, albeit in a more indirect way. “Why Combatting Ad Fraud Might Be Your Best Marketing Investment in 2022” goes into many of the different ways that fraud could be affecting your ROI (and more) from your digital ads. 


Again, this process will never be automated, either. Monitoring your digital ads, making sure that they aren’t being targeted by fraudsters or defrauded has to be overseen by a human being. Preferably someone with experience in this field. This is something that Danny and the team have done for our clients for a long time. 


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