Lesser-Known TikTok Marketing Statistics that Matter 


Danny StarYou already know that, regardless of your industry, there are potential customers of your business waiting to hear from you on TikTok. But, do you know why they go to TikTok? Moreover, you know the numbers about age, but do you know them around gender? The truth is that, as one of the newest and most successful social media marketing platforms, there’s still so much to learn about TikTok. Danny Star and the team have helped many businesses in a variety of industries to boost their brands through TikTok marketing. 


If Your Content is Good Enough, People Will Engage With It 


That’s the promise of TikTok marketing. On other platforms, it can feel like you’re “beating your head against a wall.” Not with TikTok. Here, if you create content that folks are going to want to see, then you’ll be able to hold their attention and, eventually convert them. 


That’s a key takeaway from this Hootsuite article about TikTok statistics. It finds that a “majority of people use TikTok to find funny/entertaining content.” They aren’t looking to be “sold to,” nor are they really looking to make friends, meet people, develop connections, that sort of thing. No, they want to be entertained. They want to have a good time. If your content can do that, you can reach them. 


That’s backed up by another statistic in the piece, claiming that “TikTok is the most engaging of all social media apps, with an average user session of 10.85 minutes.” It may feel that you or someone that you know is on these apps all day. Instagram, for comparison, only claims the average user’s attention for 2.95 minutes per session. 


So, the takeaway here is that great content on TikTok really can get eyeballs. If you can get someone to enjoy your video, it makes it all the more likely that you can get them to try your products/service, as well. 


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