Another Reason Authenticity is So Important on TikTok 

Danny Star

Have you been thinking to yourself: “is it really all that important to be authentic on TikTok?” If you’re like so many of the business owners we’ve talked to, you may think something like: “my company is authentically offering a great product or service. Is that authenticity?” These are valid queries. Many business owners see “integrity” and “authenticity” as synonymous. They’re both important, but as Danny Star has reminded clients, they aren’t the same. 


“Integrity” and being honest are important in advertising. You don’t want to offer something false, and so forth. “Authenticity,” however, is about displaying real human emotions so as to make a real human connection. You need content that can engage with viewers personally, that’s fun to watch even if divorced from “sales” content. Basically, a significant part of authenticity on TikTok is making something that’s fun to watch but not trying to sell someone something. But, there’s more to it than that. 

Danny Star

The Speed of TikTok 


All of the social media platforms move with great alacrity. What was a big deal yesterday is passe today, and so forth. With TikTok, however, that’s sped up. In fact, it’s so sped up that it can become a burden on even successful companies with a proven track record of social media success. 


Why? Because they may have programs in place for videos that could take too much time to create. If you’re going to have something to do with any kind of trend on TikTok, you basically have to act quickly. By the time you post a video that’s gone through several parties, days of drafts, and so forth, it could be too late. That said, there’s no excuse for substandard or lazy work, either. 


Here, then, is another lesson about the importance of authenticity on TikTok. If something is authentic, if it can make a real human connection, it’s not typically something that’s going to take a long long time to make. A human touch can be added quickly. That can make all the difference in the world. 


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