Omnichannel Digital Marketing: Cutting Edge Tech & Traditional Marketing 

Danny Star

Have you been chasing the latest digital marketing trends to make your company stand out? Does it feel like you’re always a step behind your contemporaries? It’s natural to feel that way. As Danny Star has pointed out to so many clients over the years, rarely does a form of marketing ever truly “go away.” Rather, it’s just less popular than something new, it’s supplanted by something that’s more effective at the time. 


That said, it doesn’t mean that you should totally drop all of your investment in a particular kind of marketing. After all, as Danny stresses in his book as well as in his work, traditional forms of marketing can still be very effective. Instead of being the main focus of your marketing, they become ancillary, part of a larger package and/or strategy. 

Danny Star



Recently, Danny and the team have begun having meetups for a new venture that offers CBD products. As this is a very new, very competitive field in terms of digital marketing, Danny wants to be able to help more potential clients to have the kind of success that they deserve. These meetups create a safe, effective environment for networking, for collaboration, and, of course, for fun. 


That’s not to say that they’ve supplanted digital marketing. Rather, they’re one more thing that can be done. Of course, you don’t have to be in the CBD industry to do such a thing – you can practically be in any industry. You could have mixers, meet-ups, or even hold charitable events – anything to get a group of people together. 


Better still, you may not want to focus on making them about selling, sales, or the like. Instead, they’re just a place for people to get together. As you’re the one running it, your guests will know to associate this with you. 


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