How to Complete When TikTok Marketing Budgets Continue to Rise

Danny Star

Have you been debating if it’s time to give TikTok marketing a shot? Do you worry that you’re behind the times in terms of TikTok? Let Danny Star and the team here assure you: there’s still time. Marketing on TikTok is popular, yes. However, there’s still plenty of businesses that have yet to truly harvest the power of TikTok. To try to market on TikTok is one thing: it’s something else entirely to be successful with it. 


Marketing on TikTok isn’t like marketing on the other platforms. To be able to do well on TikTok, you have to be able to truly connect with people, to provide them with something authentic and real. The time to get started with that, of course, is as soon as possible. 

Danny Star

Competing With the Big Budgets 


There’s plenty of money flowing into TikTok marketing. There’s no denying that. Indeed, as Marketing Drive has found, in 2022 alone, marketers are probably going to spend $774.8 million in just influencer marketing on the site. Now, you may not need influencer marketing to do better on TikTok. It’s entirely possible, in many ways, to be your own influencer. 


How? By making sure that you’re as authentic as possible. Show the people behind your business, the humanity behind it. You don’t need big, slick, immaculately and professionally produced videos to stand out from the rest. Instead, what you need is to be able to show the humanity of your company, what your company is really about. 


That’s all it takes to make something fun, something human, something that people are going to want to see. If you make something too “perfect,” too “salesy,” it’s less likely to do well on TikTok. 


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