A Store That Can’t Be Shut Down 


During the pandemic, to maintain social distancing and keep more people safe, stores of all kinds are shut down right now, all across the world. While necessary, it’s incredibly difficult on business owners, their employees, and so many others. There are businesses right now that aren’t shut down, that can’t really be closed or deemed “inessential” – businesses who can offer their goods and services online. Marketing consulting in Los Angeles with Danny Star can help you to better find your way through this crisis, as well as to prepare for the world after, too. 


“Online Business” Means Many Things 


When people, even savvy business owners, hear “online business,” they tend to think of a business that operates solely online. However, many of the companies that are thriving right now are the ones that are able to offer some of their services online. Or, alternatively, they’re able to offer something of value online. Law firms now do essentially all of their meetings and consultations on the phone or through video conferencing. Restaurants offer food for takeout and delivery, yes, but they’re also making videos of cooking, releasing recipes and more, just to have one more way to provide value to the customer. 

red gloves young boxer

“Rolling With the Punches” 


That’s a cliche that comes from the sport of boxing. When your opponent punches, you’re able to “roll with them,” to sidestep out of the way so that you don’t take the full brunt of their blow. Those are the businesses that are succeeding in this moment. The ones that have the flexibility to stay one step ahead of the pandemic. Danny Star can help your business to be one of those, to be able to roll with whatever comes your way. To schedule a consultation and take advantage of the $95 COVID-19 pandemic pricing, call (213) 457-3250. 


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