The Power of Connection: to Customers and Employees 


Danny speaks often on how “the digital age is upon us.” While more and more companies were always doing more marketing, video conferencing, and more in the digital space, this has been sped up by the COVID-19 pandemic. Kids are taking their classes online at home. Hairdressers make videos showing how they cut hair. 


More companies than ever before are online, yes, but more companies than ever before are solely and entirely online, too. During his marketing consultation in Los Angeles sessions, Danny tells companies how to reach more of their customers online. However, it’s also important to connect to your employees online, too. 


Connecting to Your Workers Online 


As of this writing, very few companies aren’t working remotely. The kind of cohesion that used to come from tapping on someone’s door, then telling them some piece of information, is gone. Instead, it’s been replaced by different kinds of technology: Slack, Zoom, Trello, and more. Keeping your employees connected to each other is important for pushing your business forward. 


However, it’s also important to make sure your employees are all on the same page. Even with all of the great tech apps in the world, an employee that spends all day (or even just a few hours) doing the wrong thing is going to ultimately hurt your company. By having your company meet often, you can make sure they’re all “looking at the same thing,” whether that’s literal or metaphorical. Even the most driven, conscientious employee can find it difficult to focus at times when working from home. The more effective, smart ways you can provide to connect to them, the better. 


Resources for Customers and Employees 


An effective technique that Danny utilizes to help with team cohesion is to record company meetings. That way, if someone has missed something, they can simply go back to the recording and watch it. That’s on top of someone taking notes that are posted in one of several different team-accessible locations. That’s just one part of how Danny makes sure that the company works towards one goal as one team. To schedule a consultation to make your team that much more cohesive, you can schedule a consultation at (213) 457-3250. 

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