Online Marketing that “Pulls Its Weight” 



At your business, you probably have employees and staff. You trust the people you hire, but you also have ways to check if they’re doing their jobs. If someone is doing what they’re supposed to, great! But, if they aren’t, you can see where they’re not meeting the mark. Then, you can take steps to help them out, or take other measures if necessary. Your digital marketing should work the same way. 


Everything Works in Tandem 


When people think of “online marketing,” “SEO,” “online reputation management,” and their website, they tend to think of them as solitary entities, each distinct from the other. While they are different, they work together. In unison, they can help to drive your business to more people. When they come together as one, all under the same brand, it can be very powerful. 


But, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, one part (or more) isn’t holding up their end of the bargain or “pulling their weight” so to speak. Just like an employee, you have to figure out what’s wrong and how you can help to improve their performance. Or, alternatively, you have to do something else with the position. 


A Consulting Session to Fix What’s Wrong and Discover What’s Fine 


Every consulting session with Danny is different. This makes sense, as he deals with business owners from all over the world in any number of different industries. But, in the clients he works with, one of the first actions he and the team here usually take is to find out what’s working right and what could be improved. Then, we can go about figuring out how to bolster the parts that aren’t working as they should, so that the entire company, together, can rise. You can get a free copy of Danny’s book now as well as a consulting session at (213) 457-3250. 


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