If You Do Begin Returning to the Office 


As of this writing, plenty of places in America are beginning to open up. Sure, most folks are staying home, but there are some smaller offices and stores that may be opening up. Remember: Google, Facebook, and other enormous companies have told their employees that they’ll be working from home into next year. But, perhaps yours is a company that has to open the office soon. There are a few things to keep in mind. 


Your Office Won’t Be the Same 


COVID-19 can’t be shamed, cajoled, explained away, reasoned with, or handled through any of our coping mechanisms. So, if your office is going to reopen, make sure that it’s as safe as possible. That means laying out your office in such a way that no one works within six feet of each other. It also means staggering the times when your employees do come in, so that they’ll be able to maintain proper social distancing. 


Make sure they have all of the necessary accoutrements to stay safe, too. That means soap, access to warm water, hand sanitizer, masks, gloves, and more. Scheduled deep cleaning and disinfection services (specifically ones that deal with pathogens like COVID-19) are also a must. Remember: what you do now will be remembered by your employees, potential employees, investors, customers, clients, and others. You have to make it as safe as possible. You really don’t have a choice. 


Some Folks Are Going to Stay Home, and That’s OK 


That said, there are going to be employees that are going to continue working from home. Maybe they have family members they’re watching out for, perhaps they’re particularly at risk of the virus, or maybe they just work better this way. When this pandemic began, Danny made it clear to the team that we were entering an era where it’s important to be more compassionate and empathetic. Even as some companies come back to their physical locations, the era of necessary empathy and compassion has not ended. 


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