Things to Be Aware of If You’re Re-opening 

Here at Website Depot, Danny decided to have the entire team continue working remotely through all of 2020. Some employees may continue working remotely for even beyond that, too. Danny’s staying flexible about it, which is one of the key things to keep in mind if your business does have to re-open or if you’re strongly considering it. 


As Data Changes, Change With It 

From the moment that the COVID-19 pandemic began, information has been fluid. As some factors change, businesses have to be able to change along with them. If you are going to reopen your business, be aware of this. Make sure that you tell your employees and others that your reopening will be entirely determined by the safety and the data.  Keep up to date with the situation on the ground, so that you can make changes if you have to quickly. Speaking of: 


Make Sure Your Employees/Staff are Comfortable and Safe 

If they aren’t, then there’s really no point to reopening. A business that fails to keep employees safe or make them feel comfortable is a business that shouldn’t be in business. So, you have to take every step possible for your employees to feel safe. This isn’t the kind of thing you can just show, either, through a blitz of digital marketing or social media posts. 


No, your employees have to actually be safe and they have to believe in what you’re doing. The truth is that if they aren’t, then, all of the people they talk to and interact with will pick up on it. That will hurt your business in the short and long term, to say nothing of what happens should one or more of your employees then eventually get sick. 


The truth is that opening up your business at this time is a tremendous responsibility. Like so many other responsibilities, it has to be handled right. To schedule a consultation with Danny at reduced pandemic pricing, call (213) 457-3250. 

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