Keep Your Marketing Going 


“We can take a break.” 

“This is a down time.” 

“None of our potential customers are really out there right now.” 

Have you found yourself saying any of these things about your business? 

It might be tempting to just stop your marketing. It can seem like you’re just pouring money into something that you don’t get any return from. 

The truth is that you might preclude yourself from really being successful. The last thing you want to do is stop right when you’re on the verge of making it big. 

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A Delicious Example 


“Haagen-Dazs” is, for many, synonymous with “ice cream” in the same way that “Xerox” is for copiers. Saying “Haagen-Dazs” is another way of saying “ice cream.” 

As this article shows, like so many other companies in so many industries, they had a decision to make at the beginning of the pandemic. 

They could turn off marketing to conserve costs. 

In many ways, that would’ve been the sensible decision. Between making the ice cream, shipping it, and more, Haagen-Dazs costs a lot to keep going. 

But, as the “Head of Marketing Culture and Brand Experience” said: “we didn’t go to a standstill. By that I mean we took action, we maintained our investment pressure and ensured we had brand salience going in a meaningful and purposeful way.” 

Now, that’s a lot of “marketing speak.” To clarify, it means: “we kept going. Sure, we could’ve taken a step back. But, instead, we didn’t let it stop us, we kept going ahead.” 

And it worked. 

Their ice cream sales rose. 

As the Head of Marketing Culture and Brand Experience went on to say: “what it showed us is we were incredibly agile and reactive beyond what we’ve ever been… it’s about leaning into this culture of growth and experimentation and learning.” 

What a beautiful sentiment. 

It can apply to your company, too. 


Cold Truths 


Perhaps your company isn’t a world-famous ice cream brand. Maybe they don’t have a deal with Amazon Prime. 

That’s fine. 

You don’t need to have millions of dollars in a marketing budget to make the kinds of big changes that help your company succeed. 

After all, what helped Haagen-Dazs the most wasn’t that they came up with some brilliant new thing, rather, it’s that they kept going. 

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