Client of the Day: the Venice Beach Surgical Center 



What They Do: 


Simply put, they offer the best surgical experience in Los Angeles. Much of that comes from Dr. Rojas himself. 

Medical and Surgical Director for the facility, he has been practicing cosmetic surgery as well as anti-aging medicine in Southern California for more than twenty years. 

Today, the sheer number of services that they offer is staggering. “Fat Transfer” is an increasingly popular procedure, whether the fat is transferred to the glutes or to the breasts. 

HD Liposuction is what it sounds like: high definition liposuction. What separates so many of these procedures from what patients would receive elsewhere is how low-impact and non-invasive they are. Patients can see incredible results without having to go through the same rehab and recovery that they would elsewhere. 


What We’ve Done for Them: 


All of our clients, in some ways, help people. Through the services and products they provide, they improve the lives of others. 

Dr. Rojas and the Venice Beach Surgical Center are no exception. These procedures have made so many people that much happier. 

We’re very proud of the work we’ve done for the Venice Beach Surgical Center, helping them to rank higher for many different keywords. 

The truth is that with the success of the Venice Beach Surgical Center, they could hire any digital marketing group. They’ve done so well for so many for so long that they would have their choice of online marketing groups. 

We’ve helped them to not only rank higher with certain keywords (such as “liposuction HD Los Angeles”) but also to get them in the top Google spot on the first Google page. Additionally, we’ve helped to target specific communities as well, with keywords such as “abdominales marcados con liposuccion.” 

You may not be a world-famous cosmetic surgeon with a lifetime of experience. However, there’s no reason that your business should settle for anything less than the best. Danny and the team can help you to rise that much higher. To learn more, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with him at (213) 457-3250. 

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