How Marketing for the Holiday Can Help All Year Long 

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“If we could just make the money we did at the holidays all year long, we’d be great.” 

So many business owners have said some version of that. 

Even though this blog was written on September 21st, that doesn’t mean the “holidays” in question are Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. 

After all, owners of fireworks companies probably wish every month or so had a 4th of July. 

While we can’t change the calendar, there are steps we can take to try and get more out of our holiday digital marketing

In fact, there are ways to reap those benefits all year long. 


Holiday Content Marketing Never Really Goes Out of Style 


If you’re like many of our clients, you might create some kind of “holiday gift guide.” 

This isn’t to say that you make some kind of holiday gift book like we had as kids in the 80s, but rather you lay out everything that you’re offering for the holidays. 

The truth is that you may not have to ignore that page for the rest of the year. 

Sure, you don’t want to push the “holiday gift guide” by the time St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. However, if you’re like most companies, that “holiday gift guide” will have plenty of products, goods, and services that will be just as viable during the Winter Holidays of 2021 and 2022 as they are for 2020. 

So, let that content continue to work for you throughout the course of the year. 

You can even go back in and edit it (to the extent that you have to) when the new holiday season comes along. 


Different Customers with Some Similar Tastes 


No matter what your company may offer, odds are your company has different kinds of customers. 

Younger folks, slightly older folks, parents, kids, business professionals, wholesalers, merchants, etc. – depending on your business, you might have many different kinds of customers.

So, make a holiday gift guide for each. 

Then, you can directly target it at your customers. 

“Kids’ Guide to Holiday Gifts” – “Teachers’ Guide to the Right Gifts for the Holidays” – “Parents Guide to Gift Giving” – the ideas are endless. 

You can specifically target each of your customer bases. 

Then, you can let those do well for you throughout the year. 

These are just a few ideas. To really help your business get to the next level, schedule a marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny at reduced COVID-19 pricing: (213) 457-3250. 

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