“A Different Kind of Marketing”


Every industry has faced challenges during this time. 

Some have faced greater difficulties than others. 

There’s something to be learned from just about every company (even if it’s what not to do). But, there’s something in particular to be learned from those who have had to adapt the most. 

A great example of this: the skiing industry. 

Skiing was always facing incredible challenges due to climate change. 

Now, they’re even greater. 

However, companies have found ways to alter their digital marketing to survive. Those “alterations” include the marketing itself as well as when and how they spend their money. 


“You have to remain flexible and ready to pivot.” 


The quotes in this blog come from Jeff Hanle, Skico vice president of communications. “Skico” is the name for the Aspen Skiing Company. Like so many companies, they’ve lost employees through “layoffs and attrition.” 

Look at how much they had to change: 

“Gone is the campaign uring skiers, snowboarders, and other outdoor lovers to… get involved in concrete action to ease global warming… Instead, Skico will… generally focus on education about protocols to keep customers safe from the spread of the coronavirus, trumpeting fresh snowfall, and renewing the spirit during a tough time by getting outdoors.” 

So, they realized that their initial plan, the one they had prepped for a long time, wasn’t going to work. 

But, they didn’t give up. Instead, they went right to work figuring out something that could. By showing customers that the location is safe, they’re managing to keep going. That’s not all they did, however. 


“Snow Creates Excitement and Gets the Phones to Ring.” 


Obviously, living in Southern California we can’t necessarily agree with that assessment. 

But, it sure seems important for the skiing industry. 

They realized that there are still ways to reach more customers even if your marketing can’t go in exactly the manner you would like. 

So, “good, old-fashioned promotions would still be offered at times when business is slow… free lift tickets for kids with certain adult purchases, for example. And ski areas naturally want to let prospective customers know when snow conditions are prime.” 

Using tried and true techniques to keep the business afloat – really, that’s what it’s all about. Going back to fundamentals when circumstances work against you is always important. 

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