More Than Pretty Flowers: What We Can Learn from Floral Marketing 


Danny and the team leave no stone unturned in terms of finding the best, most effective forms of online marketing. In addition to overturning stones, we look at the flowers, too. 

This morning, we came across an interesting article called “How to Better Leverage Benefits of Fresh Products, Floral in Marketing.” 

You don’t have to sell lettuce, flowers, or anything that grows to get a lot out of this. There are tips here for so many industries. 



Emphasize Little-Known Benefits that Make People “Feel Good” During a Difficult Time 


In the article, a horticultural sciences professor “cited research showing that older people dealing with dementia are more likely to remember names and past events when flowers are around, and that patients who have flowers in their hospital room require less pain medication.” 

Now, we can’t verify that any of that is true. 

We had certainly never heard that before. 

But, we do agree with, as the professor goes on to say “flowers (offer) a relevant contribution toward many physical and emotional needs consumers have, especially in this unusual year.” 

The lesson you could take for your business: if there’s something about your product or service that may help people and many folks could be unaware of it, don’t shy away from emphasizing that. 

In fact, even if you think that people would generally be aware of that, point it out often. You can do that with your social media, SEO, and so much else. 



“Recognize the Customer Perspective First” 


The CEO of a fresh product marketing agency said that the industry hasn’t “had this historical run of speaking to the consumer, and so we have a lot of language and we have a lot of habits, if you will, of how we speak about our products. We tend to talk about our products like we’re talking to a retail buyer or a foodservice buyer, and we talk about it in the same way.” 

The takeaway for your company from this would be to speak differently to different kinds of customers. You can do that easier through targeted marketing than ever before. 

No matter what your customer base is, there are almost assuredly different groups within that. By speaking to each of them, you can grow your business exponentially. 





Lastly, a physician “suggested that it is important for people to think about their health not just when they exercise or when they fall ill but every day. With the current heightened awareness of health, there is an opportunity to communicate to shoppers that specific fruits and vegetables can work for them toward specific purposes.” 

So, your business, no matter what it is, can probably get more specific in some of its marketing. While some ads, videos, posts, and more can cover “broad strokes,” others should delve into the details of how you can benefit your customers/clients, etc. 

You don’t have to grow something for a living to see how each of these tips can, well, grow your business. 

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