Sometimes, Slow and Steady Does Win The Race 


In business and in marketing, everything feels like it has to be “fast.” 

You have to do this right now, quickly, no delay, do it! 

Yes, often, it’s right to take action swiftly. No one wants to wait too long. 

However, bear in mind that sometimes the best course of action is to take your time. It’s to focus on one or more things that you do well, then grow from there. 



Consistency vs. Innovation 


Danny Star and the team recently came across an article about McDonald’s. 

The company’s UK CEO more or less said: “McDonald’s can’t always be at the ‘cutting edge’ of innovation.” 

That struck us as something very interesting to say. 

After all, doesn’t every company want to be at the “cutting edge of innovation?” Isn’t it another way to show your customers, clients, and others that you’re growing and getting better? 

Yet, for some companies, it isn’t the best course of action. 

You don’t want to be able to say “we’re on the edge of innovation.” Instead, you want your customers to know “we’re providing the same great product/service you expect.” 



Always Moving Forward 


That said, the CEO said it is vital “you don’t stand still.” 

You can still innovate without being on the cutting edge. 

Your company may not exactly be the size of say, McDonald’s, but there are still actions you can take to grow. 

A company moves forward when it makes improvements, any improvements. Perhaps it’s offering one service or another a little better. Maybe it’s changes at the margin, or even adding new how-to videos to your site. 

Each of those certainly counts as innovations, even if they might not be the most “cutting edge.” 

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