What We Can Learn from Local Restaurant Franchises 


The holidays! 

That means seeing the people we love, giving gifts, and just basking in the blow. 

It also means eating. Eating a lot, actually. 

For many of us, that does not translate to “cooking a lot.” 

So, that means take out, delivery, or eating somewhere. 

Danny Star and the team here, even right before a holiday, are committed to finding the best digital marketing tips and advice. 

Today’s come from local restaurant franchises. 



Getting the Right Help 


If you look at the first paragraph of this article, it’s as compelling an argument for “hire a digital marketing agency” as you’ll find. 

“Running a local restaurant franchise isn’t easy. Most franchisees understand the importance of local digital marketing, however, they’re busy running and operating a business. They often lack the time to educate themselves on the nuances of various marketing channels and tactics like paid search or cross-channel retargeting. Or, they simply don’t have the expertise to research keywords, build retargeting lists, craft messaging, implement tracking pixels, and execute campaigns across Google, Facebook, and YouTube.” 

The solution this article goes with is to “build a program” that can grow into “a campaign.”

Here’s a better idea: hire a pro to do it. 

Local restaurant franchisees know this is true about everything else in their business. They aren’t building their ovens from scratch, nor are they designing tables with what’s in their garages. No, they hire outside professionals to get the job done. The same holds true with digital marketing. On top of that… 


Keyword: Local 


A local restaurant is just that: local. 

Everything it does should be focused on the immediate area. 

Sure, in the times of this pandemic, it’s important to be able to deliver food if possible. So, expand your reach to the absolute maximum for your area, yes. 

But, you don’t need to dominate on keywords far, far away. Instead, you want to be at the top of the keywords in your area. 

That’s exactly the kind of thing that Danny Star and the team focus on here. For more about how you can succeed in your business, schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny at (213) 457-3250. 

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