Instead of Big Changes, Small Tweaks Can Work in Our Digital Age 

Danny Star

“What big changes can we make?” 

“I feel like we’re falling behind our competitors. We’ve been looking at a giant paradigm shift. What do you think?” 

Danny Star and the team here are often asked questions like this from clients and prospective clients alike. 

Yes, in many cases, the best course of action for a company is to make a big, dramatic change. Instead of continuing on a path that has led to limited success, shifting to something new can make all of the difference in the world. 

That said, many times, it’s not the right course of action. Instead, the right thing to do is to shift what you’re doing, just a bit, and reap the benefits. 



An Example From Real Estate 


“COVID-safe marketing” has become a very real thing. 

Often, we’ve written in these blogs about how companies can show clients and customers that their business is safe by highlighting how they’re keeping their workers safe. 

Showing, as opposed to telling how clean the location is. Emphasizing contactless service, online buying, and the like – those are just some examples of COVID-safe marketing that companies have seen real, tangible benefits from during this time. 

Real estate, however, is a different industry. (No one’s buying a house on “curbside pickup,” or something similar.) 

Virtual tours are great, but they won’t solve all of the problems themselves. 

So, real estate marketing has shifted to better adjust to this time. 

For example, “the biggest increase in demand is for a home that is flexible enough to accommodate both adults working from home and kids doing online schooling without getting in someone else’s way or using up all the bandwidth. What buyers want to see first and foremost is how they can work uninterrupted… if the rooms (in the home) are small, shelving that maximizes the use of vertical space will help buyers see that there is a way to create an effective work zone.” 

There’s even more in that article, fascinating stuff about how homes are sold at this time. 

You’ll note that none of that was a “big, dramatic change.” 

The same homes were being sold as before. 

Just, instead, the language and the marketing were tweaked in such a way that they emphasized different points. Specifically, points that matter more to potential home buyers right now. 

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