What Your Business Can Learn from Nonprofit Marketing 


“Why would I want to learn from a non-profit? We’re a for-profit business!” 

The truth is that nonprofits do some of the best marketing, utilizing the most cutting-edge tactics. In many cases, they have to. After all, they aren’t offering or selling something that their customer base “needs.” They aren’t offering food, drinks, cars, computers, or items like that. Rather, they’re trying to get people interested in something, get them to do something. That can be a tough sell, to speak. 

After reading this article, Danny Star and the team realized that there is plenty to be learned from non-profits for your for-profit. 



Highlighting the “Little Things” Can Make a Big, Big Difference 


There’s a fascinating nugget of information at the end of the “Social Media Marketing” section. It says that non-profits “build an engaging narrative by celebrating victories both large and small, celebrating the contributions of every volunteer and donor…” 

While that may be specific to non-profits, there’s plenty your company can take from that. 

For example, “celebrating victories both large and small” is a great idea. 

Highlighting what’s gone right for your company can be good. However, what can even be better is highlighting what’s gone right for your workers. 

Showcasing them and each of their contributions/victories can help your company quite a bit. 

Asking your customers to take pictures or videos of themselves enjoying your products and services can be very powerful. You could even reach out to them, video them, podcast with them, and so forth. 

Sure, there’s a wide range between “customer” and “volunteer.” But, highlighting and celebrating those who are loyal to your company is a great idea at almost all times. 



Calls to Action 


A “call to action” is important for all businesses. But, they can be especially important for nonprofits. After all, a “call to action” for a store or service is “buy from us,” “hire us,” etc. 

For a non-profit, it could be any number of things. 

But, as this article states, “it is absolutely essential that the call to action is clear.” 

They have it in bold type for a reason. 

You really can’t have a call to action that’s “too direct.” 

In fact, before you send out a call to action, you might even want to ask yourself: “is there a way to make it clearer?” 

That can only serve you well. 

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