Suffering From Email Marketing Writers’ Block? Read This 

Danny Star

“We know that email marketing is important. We know it may have a greater ROI than so many other forms of marketing. But… we just don’t know what to write for it.” 

Paradoxically, the more important someone tells you email marketing is, the more difficult it can be to put an email together. 

After all, proper email marketing has to connect to the customer immediately, get them to open the email, make them read to the end, and then get them to buy something. 

Oh, and you have to send it exactly at the right time or all of your work is for naught. 

Danny Star and the team here make it simple. 

Every client and every email are different. 

However, if you’re stuck, there are kinds of emails that you’re going to want to have in your “arsenal,” so to speak. That way, you’ll always have something you’ll be able to work from. 

Danny Star


Email Marketing: Archetypes to Know 


A “Welcome” email is crucial. 

When someone first buys a product/service, signs up for an email list, make sure they’re sent a welcome email.

Another way to think about this email: it’s not just a “welcome” email, it’s a truly “welcoming email.” 

So, make the reader feel welcome. 

It’s upbeat, positive, and simple to read. This is, hopefully, the beginning of a long-lasting relationship, so invite them in. 

Be sure to give them something for reading it, too: a nice reward, a few bucks off of something, you know the drill. If you have lots to offer folks, include links to all of that in this email, too. Other products, advice, training, customer support, all of it – odds are they’re very big on your company right now (since they did just buy something/sign up) so you want to capitalize on that. 

We send weekly newsletters for our company. We also put together newsletters for our clients as well. 

These newsletters go over what we’re/the clients are doing. They include deals, discounts, special offers, as well as content, videos, and more. 

Since we’re a digital marketing agency with so many clients, we try to use it as a way for our clients to become aware of each other (and ultimately use each other’s services). There’s surely something you can do with your business and your community. 

Worst to worst, when putting together email marketing, ask yourself:
“What’s new that the reader could use?” 

Maybe you have a new product/service. 

Perhaps there’s a tip about how your reader could use your product/service during the summer, or the winter, or fall. 

Those are just some ideas. You don’t have to use them, but, just by thinking about them, odds are it jogs your thinking in some new way. 

For more ways to improve your marketing schedule a consultation with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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