Content Marketing: It’s Not Just About You 

Danny Star

Does it feel like your content doesn’t really connect to readers and viewers? Do you know when you’re reading “bad” content but aren’t sure exactly how to put into words what separates it from the rest? 


Danny Star and the team here have talked to so many clients who were “doing everything right” when it came to content, but they still weren’t having the results they felt they should. 


They would post often, take great pictures, make high-quality videos, and more – yet they just weren’t all that successful. 


Almost invariably, not long after reading their content, we could diagnose the problem. Content marketing isn’t about “you,” the company. Rather, it’s about “the reader.” Indeed, that’s the only person it can be about. 

Danny Star

“What’s In It for Me?” 


While that’s not the healthiest attitude to have in life, it is something to ask yourself when you’re creating content. Specifically, it’s a question you should ask from the perspective of the client. 


Your content has to be based around how you can help the client, how you can provide them with solutions, how you can make their life that much better. This doesn’t just mean “selling,” it means providing them with real value. 


As this article puts it rather bluntly: “if your purpose is to create a content marketing strategy, you must know that your customers do not care what you sell, so you must focus your content on their needs, their desires, how they can solve them, letting them know that they are earning something.” 


That’s a great quote, but we could amend it to put in “how you can solve them.” After all, that’s one more way that your marketing can provide real “value” – by making someone’s life that much better. 


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