MedTech Best Practices (and Best Practices to Avoid) 

Danny Star

Digital marketing has affected essentially every industry. 

If Danny Star and the team have said that to one client, we’ve said it to all of them. 

That’s true for legal,  retail, and especially healthcare. 

A study from McKinsey found that, in the last five years, 84% of medtech companies surveyed had “shifted more of their budget to digital marketing.” That’s growth from how “as recently as five years ago, the majority of medtech companies (surveyed, 65 percent of the survey sample) spent no more than 20 percent of their marketing budget on digital marketing.” 

So, in that time they realized exactly how much they had to grow. 

With digital marketing comes opportunities as well as challenges. 

This McKinsey article lays out some medtech digital marketing mistakes that, frankly, Danny and the team have seen from companies in other industries as well. 

Danny Star


Digital Marketing Should Never Be “Isolated” 


One of the bigger mistakes that a company makes when they start with digital marketing is they do it “in isolation.” 

An “omnichannel approach” is just that: a way for your digital marketing to connect to everyone possible. 

On its own, SEO can only do so much. By itself, social media has limitations in terms of growing your company. Alone, content marketing can take you only so far. The best website, no matter how well designed and developed, cannot drive the conversions you’re looking for on its own. 

However, together, omnichannel digital marketing can utilize all of them working in tandem.

This can build up its own momentum. 

A great podcast, for example, gets quotes and footage that can be used for social media, for blogs, and can be linked to and referenced for a long time to come. 

That’s true no matter what industry you’re in. 

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