Client of the Week: USA Electrical Repairs 

Danny Star


Simply put, they are the Los Angeles electrical repair specialist team. Fully licensed and insured, they can make sure that your home has properly operating electrical wiring and electrical equipment.

With their skills and experience, they can make sure that you feel safe and secure in your own home. 

Some of their specialties include repair services for electrical equipment, electrical breakers, wiring, and so much more. With electrical pinpoint troubleshooting services, they can find exactly what’s wrong and then fix it, pronto. Diagnostic electrical testing services are one of the ways that they can repair your electricity the first time with no need for a return visit. 

Their meter upgrade services can make sure that you’re getting everything you should out of your electronics. They can even provide services like switches to fans and ballasts and so forth. 

There are no hidden fees with USA Electrical Repairs, and the pricing is always upfront, too. To that end, there’s no overtime charge, either. 

They have the kinds of electrical repairs that lead to true peace of mind. 

Danny Star

What Danny Star and the Team Have Done for This Client: 


Electricity is always important, but particularly during this time of year. So, the goal of Danny Star and the team is just to make sure that as many folks as possible are aware of these services. 

That’s been quite a success so far. As of this writing, USA Electrical Repairs has as many as sixteen keywords on the front page of Google. All of them have risen in the last month or so. Some have gone up by one or two places, but many have gone up by three, four, and even six. When more people find out about this company, they get the kinds of electrical repairs that make a house a home. 

To reach similar success with your company, contact Danny Star for a consultation at (213) 457-3250. 


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