What Marketing Trends for 2022 Have in Common 

Danny Star

It’s that special time of year. 

Family. Friends. Gifts. 

Sure, all of that, but this is the special time of year when we get all of the “marketing trends you need to watch out for in 2022” articles. 

Just about all of them run the gamut from “mostly benign” to “genuinely helpful.” That said, if you look carefully, there’s much that these articles have in common with each other. 

Something that Danny Star says (in different ways) to clients, his staff, and clients, is that “no form of marketing ever really dies.” 

Sure, fewer people might respond to radio ads or use the Yellow Pages than they ever did. But, a billboard, a bus stop ad, mailers, and so many other kinds of so-called “antiquated” marketing can be genuinely helpful for your business. That’s something to keep in mind when looking at the future. 

Danny Star

Beyond Trends You Need to Adopt


This is a great article about the “Top 10 Marketing Trends You Need to Adopt in 2022.” If you look at it, there’s some real good advice in here. 

“Invest Time (and Money) in Building a Strong Brand Image,” “Become a Better Storyteller,” and “Think Outside of the Box” are some of the highlights. 

What do those have in common? 


You may have seen them in plenty of articles called “Top 10 Marketing Trends You Need to Adopt in 2020” or “2019,” or even “2012,” etc. 

Those aren’t so much “trends” exactly as they are “mindsets.” Or, perhaps a better, more appropriate word for them would be “commitments.”

Making a commitment to strengthening your brand, to being a better storyteller (in terms of both being a boss as well as a marketer and a company) thinking more creatively/outside of the box, those are commitments to make going into this next year or any other. They can only help your business. 

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